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Winter Time Lawn Care

There is not much to do on your lawn during the winter time. Grass goes dormant which eliminates the need for mowing. Weeds are for the most part a non-issue since the ground is too frigid for seeds to germinate. Still you should not completely ignore your lawn. There are basic steps you should take to make sure your lawn emerges vibrantly when spring comes.

Remove Debris

Anything you leave in your lawn will leave dead spots. This includes leaves, twigs, logs, toys, and so forth. Even after removing leaves during the fall, it is inevitable that some leaves will blow onto your lawn. Try and remove as much of this debris from your lawn as you can. It goes without saying that you should not be working on your lawn during frigid temperatures. But there are a few days during the winter when the temperature is amenable to working. Take advantage of these to go outside for a few minutes. Inspect your lawn and remove any debris.

Avoid Traffic

Grass does not recover well during winter. Excessive walking on grass during winter should be avoided because it can create numerous dead spots on the lawn. Avoid parking cars on the lawn even for short periods.

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