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Using Topsoil to plant new seed yields better results

Many homeowners are hesitant to use topsoil when planting grass for various reasons. Chief among these is the fear of introducing new weeds into the lawn. Other homeowners simply don’t see any reason for using topsoil. I fell into the latter category when I first tried to seed my lawn. I loosened the existing soil to the correct depth then simply spread the seed and covered the seed using a rake.

The net result was poor germination rates which led to poor coverage and numerous bare spots. Next time around purchased topsoil, loosened the ground and spread a thin layer of top soil into the ground and spread the seed. I then raked the seeds into the soil.

I got much better results and much better coverage. Topsoil serves a number of useful purposes:

  1. Protects grass seed from birds and wildlife
  2. Adding topsoil covers more of the grass seed which results in higher germination rates
  3. Commercial Topsoil such as Scotts Topsoil sold at Home Depot contains organic matter and peat moss which enhance the chances of developing a healthy lawn

Be sure to buy topsoil from a reliable supplier. The topsoil must be screened to remove large rocks.

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