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To rake leaves or mow them?

Its fall and the leaves are falling on your lawn. Most home-owners know that leaving any leaves on your lawn through the winter can be catastrophic: When the snow falls, the pressure and weight of the snow pressed upon the leaves will literally suffocate your grass, leaving bald spots all over your lawn. So getting rid of the leaves is imperative. Most people either rake the leaves or use a blower to remove the leaves from the lawn. A much better idea is to simply mow the leaves and mulch them into the grass. Here are the benefits of mowing the leaves instead of raking:

  1. Mowing adds organic matter to the soil. These soil nutrients will result in earlier greening of the lawn in the spring.
  2. It is less time consuming and less back breaking than actually raking the leaves or using a blower.
  3.  A study out of Michigan State University suggests that mulching helps block certain weeds like dandelions and crabgrass from emerging


  1. Mow the lawn often. Don’t wait until there are several layers of leaves on the lawn.
  2. Reduce the size of the leaf clutter as much as you can so that the mulch can fit between the blades of grass.
  3.  Add a nitrogenous fertilizer to aid the process of decomposition.
  4. Where possible, use a mower specifically designed for mulching


I have been mulching leaves every fall for the past three seasons and it has been a time saver and my lawn looks much better every spring. Incidences of crabgrass and dandelions have also reduced dramatically.

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