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Leaving twigs on your lawn can damage your mower

After a long winter, it is spring time again. As temperatures rise, it will soon be time to fire up your lawn mower. But before you do so, be sure to pick up the twigs that fell on your lawn during the winter.  I made the mstake of thinking my Toro mower can easily handle small twigs.  What I did not realize is that not all mowers are well constructed.

A twig got stuck in the self-propelling mechanism. The propeller seized. Mowing became impossible as trying to push a mower that is supposed to self propelling is like trying to push a car. They are simply not built for that.

The Mower was less than a year old so it should still have been under warranty. As bad luck would have it, Toro said they would not pay for the mower . They said that though it was still under warranty, it was not meant for cutting through twigs. Therefore it was my obligation to rake the lawn and ensure that there were no twigs.

Note that I did not see the twigs as I had let my lawn grow somewhat tall before I mowed the grass for the first time. This is why you should rake the twigs while the grass has not started growing.


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