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Kentucky Blue Grass requires plenty of water

Kentucky Blue grass (Scientific name: Poa Pratensis) is a popular grass type due to a number of reasons:

  • It spreads quickly through rhizomes and soon forms a dense lush lawn
  • It recovers quickly from damage due to pests
  • The dense lush lawn fends off weeds and invasive grasses
  • It has a beautiful bluish green sheen that makes it shimmer on sunny day

However it has two major drawbacks

  • It has a very shallow root system
  • It has a high demand for water.

Kentucky Blue grass tends to go dormant during periods of extreme heat. The rhizomes and crown can remain active during this period. However an extended period of extreme heat will kill even the rhizomes, leaving the plant with no way to recover. My Kentucky planted in April, blue grass was thriving until it encountered the first heat wave of the year in early June. And within a week, it was all gone.

As such, you will need to water it deep and often especially during the summer. Unless you have a sprinkler system and plan on turning on your sprinkler system at least every other day, don’t bother with Kentucky Blue grass.

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