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Don’t give up on yellow Sod

Chances are that if you purchase sod from your typical box store like Home Depot, it will be yellowing and on the verge of death. Ideally sod should be purchased on the same day it is cut and is still green. However in most cases, Sod from these box stores has typically been sitting on the shelves for a few days and has been drying. The steps you take immediately after purchasing the sod are key to determining whether the sod will thrive or die. The image below depicts sod that was  newly purchased from a box store.

As you will notice, most of the panels are sickly yellow and appear on the verge of death with the exception of two green panels. Prior to laying the sod, the ground should be loosened up. Remove as many stones and rocks from the surface in order to give roots a better chance at growing deep into the soil. Level the surface as much as you can then carefully lay the panels on the ground.

Watering is Key

To counteract the yellowing, the sod will need a good watering. A deep watering is required every day preferably in the morning. This must continue for a period of at least fourteen days. Within five days you should start to see the yellow slowly start to turn green. By the fourteenth day, the yellow sod should have turned green. The image below shows what the sod looks like after fourteen days of thorough watering.

As you will notice, the yellow turned a bright green. The only spots that did not turn green were the ones that were a sickly green as opposed to a bright green. Note that this sod has been on the shelves for three days when it was purchased and was planted in the month of June when daytime temperatures were over eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

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