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Getting rid of lawn moss

To get rid of lawn moss, you have to think both short term and long term. Short term strategies get rid of the unsightly moss. But they are temporary fix and the moss will soon return. In order to get rid of the moss permanently, long term strategies need to be applied.

The most popular short term strategy involves using a metal rake to simply rake the moss out of the lawn. Since moss has no root system, raking moss should be easy but could be labor intensive depending on the size of the problem. Another popular method is to use chemicals. The most effective product I have used is the Bayer moss and algae killer that is specifically formulated for lawns. But again these methods result only in temporary relief.

In order to get rid of moss permanently, you must deal with the root cause. There are three common causes of lawn moss:

1. Soil is too acidic

Acidic soils make it difficult for grass to compete with moss. The pine needles that are shed by pine trees typically make soils acidic. Soil has to be be tested to determine its pH. Once you determine that your soil is acidic, the best remedy is to apply agricultural lime.

2. Poor Drainage

Soil may retain too much water for a number of reasons such as heavy foot traffic which causes soil compaction and the presence of clay. The solution too poor drainage is aeration.

Poor drainage may also occur to the presence of thatch which is a layer of dead grass stolons, rhizomes and roots that have not decomposed. The solution to the problem of thatching is to dethatch using a rake which removes the dead grass. In severe cases of thatching, the soil must be aerated.

3. Too much Shade

This is perhaps the most common cause of lawn moss. The solution to this is to allow more sunlight such as by trimming trees. Another way to deal with this is to plant shade tolerant grass that can outcompete moss

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